From the Past Editor

Written By: Shania Lipinski

When my friend Ashley Grasinger asked me to join The Setonian during my freshman year, I never imagined the role that journalism would have on me as a future educator. As a teacher, it is important to be a good leader- to be able to respond to the concerns and needs of your students in order to make your classroom a better place for them to learn and grow. Being a member of this staff taught me a lot about leadership, accountability, and responsibility that I can take with me on my future endeavors. Although I had a lot of leadership skills from being in the military, I was able to take on a more collaborative role as editor-in-chief.

As I get ready to take the next step in life and start my career, I have full confidence that The Setonian will continue to be a publication that aims to amplify unheard voices, spark conversations, and encourage readers to think for themselves about various topics. Leading The Setonian was a lot of work: there were deadlines, expectations from the community, and a reputation to uphold. Throughout these trials, there was a rewarding experience: the opportunity to tell the stories of the people who make up the parts of Seton Hill worth remembering.

The best part about working on The Setonian was the opportunity to collaborate with the many talented writers, editors, photographers, and artists that brought each edition to life. I commend the staff that I had the pleasure to work with, and all future members, for their dedication to the truth and ensuring that each voice is heard.

To Summer, the new editor-in-chief that I am passing the torch to: your dedication to this publication is so inspiring, and I can not wait to see the amazing things that you do with this publication.

To the amazing staff I had the honor of working with: thank you for making my experience one full of treasured and valued memories. Embrace every opportunity for growth, strive for excellence, and always remember the power that our stories have.

With immense gratitude,

Shania Lipinski
Editor Emeritus