Setonian Magazine Submission Guidelines

Writer’s Guidelines

*Articles due by 4/5/12


The Setonain Graduation Magazine is a new publication aimed to serve an audience full of graduating seniors, as well as their families, and the faculty and staff who have nurtured these students into young professionals.

Call for pitches and submissions

We’re looking for a number of articles to be pitched and submitted for this 40-page publication. Please keep your pitches brief (3-5 sentences), and tell us why you think our target audience will be interested in your story. Please also indicate potential sources as well as your qualifications for writing the proposed article. Feel free to include suggested photo opportunities as well.


Please keep your audience in mind and remember that we are part of a Catholic, private, liberal arts university. The Setonian does its best to avoid censorship, but even we acknowledge that some rules should not be crossed.
Although we will accept column and opinion pieces, please keep the ranting to a minimum. Instead, please fill your allotted space with insights provided by fellow students as well as staff, showing both sides of your argument, even if you might feel strongly in one particular direction. A well-rounded discussion makes for the best argument.


As a contributing writer, you are permitted and encouraged to submit content into any and all of the following sections:

Qualifications for the Cover Story

In order to qualify for the cover story (a great honor), the article must attract a wide range within our audience, should pertain to the Seton Hill community and must supply a substantial number of high resolution photos/graphics (for the cover of the magazine, as well as photos to be used for the spread within the magazine). Images should include people, not just structures or environmental elements. The topic should be new, exciting or revolutionary. The story may be a profile of a very successful student or alum, or it may be news or other coverage. We are open to any and all suggestions. Length: 2,500-3,000 words depending on amount of images/sidebars provided.


The Setonian will accept non-time sensitive evergreen articles dealing with continuing issues on campus or growth. For inspiration, consider common concerns you find on campus, whether it be living arrangements, health concerns, etc. We are also including a “Year in Review” section, so feel free to pitch an article about a past event that you attended and feel deserves coverage in the magazine. Length: varies depending on info. At least 400 words.


The Setonian will be including a historical perspective as well. In addition to recapping on past events published in The Setonian, we will also be looking at one specific decade in history—the 1970s. We’re interested less in summaries and more in reviews and other informative articles. Consider interviewing some of the older faculty members or Sisters of Charity who were on the Hill during that era for a fascinating story. Length: 600-1,200

Reviews & Arts and Entertainment

As always, we love a good review. We’ll accept book, movie, video game, music and local community event reviews. Please try to be original and steer clear of reviewing the most obvious choices.  Indie films are a good place to start, as well as local bands. Blockbuster movies should be time-sensitive. Please do not pitch an article for a movie that will no longer be showing in the theater when the magazine hits stands on May 12. Length: 300-600, unless it’s a top 10 list.
Special attention will be paid to articles that include interviews with the author/musician/director/etc. rather than the typical “here’s what I thought” review. Length: 600-850 words
We’re also interested in reviews of oldie films, books and music from our selected decade for the History section. These should deal with the late 1960s, into the 1970s.



The Setonian wants to hear from you about your experiences here at Seton Hill. This section is more so reserved for graduating seniors to reflect on their time here at SHU. However, we will also accept well-written opinion pieces about current politics or other controversies. Length: 300-600

People Profiles

We’re hoping to cover as many interesting people (preferably alumni, seniors and faculty/staff) in this issue. Profiles should include an interview with the subject as well as additional feedback from friends/family/acquaintances with the subject. High resolution photos are encouraged with these submissions. Length: 600-1,200 depending on the subject
(We’re also looking to take profile shorts (200-500 words.)


We’re looking for some high quality recap articles, along with photos concerning this academic year’s sports teams. If you attend any sporting events, please submit your photos! Articles for sports teams *must* include interviews with at least one coach and two players on the team.


We welcome and encourage high resolution photo submissions of your lives at SHU. Please send us any photos you take at any events you attend for the remainder of the semester!


The Setonian is a non-profit student-run publication and therefore cannot provide monetary compensation for published works. We can, however, serve as a resume booster.


Send drafts, queries, pitches to:
Publishing Editor, The Setonian Magazine
One Seton Hill University
Greensburg, PA 15601
or email to: (Please include your name, title of pitch/article, and prospective section in the subject line)


Ideally, we will respond to every piece or pitch submitted to the Setonian. Please allow 3-5 days for response concerning your article.
Please also remember that we will be limiting the number of articles included. Submission of pitches and/or articles does not mean automatic publishing. Some articles may be returned for updates and edits.

Articles currently up for grabs

The following articles are on the table and will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. If you request an article already assigned, we will gladly aid you in finding an adequate replacement.
-Profile or feature on the Sisters from Korea. Who are they? Why did they decide to travel to the States?
-Technology at SHU feature–something along the lines of which profs or majors are utilizing our technology plan to its full potential.
-Cove reconstruction timeline. This would date back to its birth and it’s renovations over the years.
-McKenna Center building history. As this is one of our newest buildings, it would be nice to include a brief timeline for its construction as well.
-New positions at SHU: VP of Enrollment, marketing director and admissions director? None have been filled yet, so this article will be time sensitive.
-Reflections by Veterans on Campus
-Reflection or profile of a severely disabled student. How they get around campus.
-Reflection of dealing with a family member with severe disabilities. (This could lead to a jump dealing with Special Education Certification at SHU)
-Evergreen on the new education major. Why did it happen? What does this mean for students who wanted to study English/chemistry/math AND Education?
-Profile of athletes who have continued success post-college. Ex. Two baseball players, (Trettel & Rareigh) now play for minor leagues.
-Profile of Gregory Kerestan, (currently reserved).
-Feature on graduate professional programs as well as physician assistant and an update/reference to dentistry and medical programs at SHU.
-Feature on SHUPAC & SHUVAC so far.
-Fun article–where are we in 2022? This article could be satirical, humorous. What are the new majors, which current graduating seniors have come back, what are the most recent dorms added?
-Update of student in American Idol
-Review of iPad 3 when it comes out–top 10 app articles for specific areas.
-Feature the mediasphere


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