Hideous things that bumped in darkness

By Jeremy Barrick,
Setonian Online Editor

All the spirits of Halloween have disappeared until next year. Now, the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) are right around the corner. Before any of us realize, the New Year will bestow upon us. But aside from all the fall and winter events, the United States has taken a toll for the worse. In the past month, we have seen the economy take a plunge.

The stock market fluctuates on a daily basis as all consumer goods are on the rise. A bag of groceries that once cost $20 now has increased by at least $10. According to East Pittsburgh Beverage, in Greensburg, the price of craft brews have gone up as well, due to the price increase of barley, malt, and hops.

By the examples given, one can see that the economy is hurting at this point. The only good thing is that the price of gasoline has gone down for the time being, probably due to the election. $2.85 is the current price around the Seton Hill University (SHU) area.
How bad will the economy get before it becomes better? Are we facing another Great Depression that was suffered during the 1930s? According to some citizens of Greensburg, they believe we are.
Sean Wolfe, a resident of Greensburg said, “I do not know, anymore, if my job is secured or not. I have a home and other assets to protect. The way this economy is going, I am unsure.”

The next president of the U. S. will have his hands full with the attempt to rebuild the economy, government, and financial institutions that have gone bankrupt, as well as other major issues. Rekindling a trusting relationship with the citizens of the U. S. seems to be the hardest task any of them will face.

Jessica Carroll, a resident of Greensburg, said, “I’m nervous that a newly elected president will not follow through with his previous candidate’s agendas. I want to see change. If that cannot be accomplished, then our country will continue to deteriorate.”

Elissa Wells, a resident of Greensburg, said, “I have two children. The world has become an unsafe place to raise them. I really hope that the economy will be able to rebuild. The president has a high price on his head. I don’t see how that will be possible.”

A scare has been instilled into local citizens with the threat of job layoffs, an increase in the cost of living, home foreclosures, and other, once the “American Dream” realities. The republicans and the democrats both have to feel the strain of a declining economy and a possible depression if something is not done about it soon.