Expand your wardrobe with the hottest spring fashions

By Ashley Bamgbopa

Men's Spring Fashion
Mix and Match. Layer a jacket or button-down shirt over tee shirts. Add accessories like hats, belts or light scarves. Photo Courtesy of forever21.com


Spring is finally here and it’s time to prep your wardrobe for this season’s  weather. After a long and cold winter, one may wonder what styles of clothing to bring from the back of a cluttered closest or even what’s in trend for this new year.

Sweaters and boots will soon go into hibernation as the weather quickly begins to change. Many of Seton Hill University’s (SHU) students bring forth many different trends that show off their personalities.

Throughout the pages of “Teen Vogue”, “Seventeen Magazine”, and “GQ”, many new trends appear to emerge for this coming spring. H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Express are among the many hip clothing stores that carry the most fashionable and inexpensive trends.

For college students it’s pretty hard to find the latest fashion trends at affordable prices- however, these four stores carry the trendiest fashions for both men and women at reasonable prices.

“I love to wear vintage-styled clothing. I shop at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 whenever I can afford to get a ton of clothes,” freshman, Tori Stipcak said.

For girls this season, sheer, long, flowy skirts are a must-have. Whether it has a solid color or a unique print, any girl can rock this new trend, topped with a cute T-shirt and flat sandals or platform heels.

“I know Forever 21 carries the cutest sheer skirts. I love wearing heels so it’s the best accessory to add to this fashionable trend,” Seaniah Ballah, a sophomore, said.

Layering clothing to mix and match trends is a great way to combine old and new styles to create a trendy outfit. Cardigans and jackets can be worn over any type of light clothing to make an outfit pop.

“Loose tees and tank tops with light hoodies and elegant jackets are the best items of clothing I like to bring out for the spring season,” Nardjeska Serrant, a freshman said.

Loose fitted soft T-shirts are definitely a must have this spring season. These can be worn with skinny jeans or chino fabric pants. Layered jewelry is also a way to top off a great spring outfit. Tons of necklaces and bracelets can make any outfit pop.

Floral dresses are always in style for the spring season as well.

“I have this sweet floral dress, really hippy-like, and I pair it with my combat boots to give a sort of tomboyish appeal to it,” Stipcak said.

All of these simple, yet cute styles can be worn and accessorized with many things to make any girl this season stand out from the crowd.

Don’t worry guys, there are many trends this spring season that are making a reappearance and filling the store racks. Polo Ralph Lauren, Ed Hardy, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein are among the top designers young men love to wear. These brands each have their own exclusive styles that greatly appeal to younger generations.

Loose button-down shirts and a pair of fitted or loose-fitted jeans are definitely in style for guys this season. On top of that jean jackets or blazers are another trendy item. Whether it’s for the weekend or a night out with someone special, a guy can always stand out with these fashion pieces.

If you’re going for a more preppy look, Polo Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein are great places to shop.

“I like light collared button-up shirts paired with shorts. I usually shop at Gabes or Pac Sun. I am a big fan of plaid shorts, as well as, boat shoes,” Jon Gibson, a senior, said.

This season is the best time for guys to bring out colored fitted shirts, cardigans, and a pair of Jordans or Nikes. Khaki shorts, as well as plain loose fitted pants are always in style for the spring season. Many guys like to accessorize their clothing choices with snapbacks or fitted hats. The store Lids offers the latest fitted hats.

“Fitted jeans, colored tees and fitted snapbacks with Air Jordan shoes are the best items of clothing that I pull out for the spring season,” D.J. Pearson, a sophomore, said.

The cool weather has finally arrived and along with all the hottest trends and styles. Incorporating one’s own style with the latest fashions is the best way for any individual to show their personality. Throughout this spring season, look out for all the unique styles worn by many of SHU’s students.


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