Best O’ the Irish

By Katelyn Snyder



Bests O’ the Irish:

Chemistry- Robert Boyle is considered the Father of Chemistry, and came up with Boyle’s Law.

Authors- Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Jonathan Swift

Dumbledore- Both actors who played the wise and loveable wizard in the Harry Potter movies were Irish.

The Titanic- Built in Ireland… okay so they could have done better…

Blarney Stone- Kissing the stone allegedly gives you the “gift of gab” (aka flattery)

Leprechauns- Because who doesn’t think about a pot of gold when they see a rainbow?

River Dancing- Lord of the Dance…what more needs said.

Music- U2, The Cranberries, Celtic Music, drinking songs

Celtic Cross- invented by St. Patrick himself, mixes pagan Irish sun symbol and the Christian cross

Actors-  Pierce Brosnan, Colin Farrel, Liam Neeson, Johnathan Rhys Meyers

Shamrock- the symbol of Ireland, luck, and the Holy Trinity.

Accent-  We all envy it, and try to replicate it (usually badly).




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