Pi Day spirit lands at SHU

By Jalen Gumbs

Photo Editor

Pi Day
Students and faculty members laugh after being pied in the face. For just $.50, a student was able to throw a pie in the face of another. For $3, they could walk straight up to a student or faculty member and smother them with a tasty whipped cream pie.

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to throw a pie into a teacher’s face for payback or just for the fun of it? Seton Hill University (SHU) students had the opportunity to do so on March 14—also known as ‘Pi Day’—the quirky holiday devoted to the mathematical symbol ‘pi’.

Pi is the mathematical formula of constants approximated to equal 3.14159265, but is typically shortened.  Pi is recognized around the world as the universal symbol for 3.14.

Pi day was created in 1989 by physicist Larry Shaw.  It was first celebrated at the San Francisco Exploratorium. While Pi Day became a celebration among those in the science and mathematics field, it has branched out and become a world wide recognized holiday around the world.

Teachers at SHU chose to partake in the celebration of Pi Day allowing students to throw whip cream pies at them. For 50 cents students could try their luck throwing pies at teachers. For three dollars, students could walk up and pie a teacher’s face.

According to assistant professor of mathematics Geoff Atkinson, Pi Day is a fun opportunity for students to see that teachers also have a fun side.

“Pi day is a day for fun and pies,” said Atkinson, who received a pie to the face. “It does not require serious math skills, just a fun spirit.”

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