Seton Hill goes green for spring

Seton Hill University (SHU) celebrated “Arbor Day” this past Friday as an effort to promote “going green” on campus. Under the instruction of Dr. Jack Ciak, students organized different events for his Organizational Leadership course to correspond with the national holiday.  The goal was to create an event that cared for one of SHU’s needs. One group of SHU students, composed of Nick Sterner, Ken Harris, Sue Myers and Katlin Newingham, collected plastic bottles for recycling during the day and later drove them to a recycling location in Hempfield Township. Sterner is hopeful that the plan sparks newfound interest in recycling on campus. “I think many students are already aware of the importance of recycling and are frustrated that [SHU] cannot find a solution to the non-existent recycling program in Greensburg.  We hope to show the [SHU] community the ease in organizing a recycling event on campus and hope more recycling activities will occur after our event.” The promotion by the Communications Club advised by Dr. Klapak, of “Arbor Day” continued with the selling of t-shirts exclaiming “I’m a Green Being!” and the creation of Tibetan prayer flags to express student hopes and dreams. A tree-planting celebration with kazoo playing and bubble blowing was also scheduled to take place but was canceled due to poor weather conditions.  This particular part of recognizing Arbor Day will be held on a rain date TBA.


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