‘Wellness Week’ supplies healthy activity, services

Seton Hill University (SHU) held a health fair in honor of “Wellness Week” in which students could visit an assortment of educational displays and learn about different health programs and associations.

The various organizations that attended the health fair ranged from campus and the local level to national programs. These included Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits, the American Heart Association, LECOM, Judo Club, a SHU student led and run club on campus, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, a chiropractor, a holistic health counselor for the Cancer Project, a massage therapist, the Wellness Center and Disabilities Services/Prevention at SHU and several others.

Kimberley Bassi-Cook, the coordinator of Disability Services/Prevention at SHU, was also present at the health fair. She worked as a representative for the National College Health Assessment to encourage students to complete the survey that was sent to all full-time undergraduate students.

“The information helps Nurse Jan and the university meet the needs of students,” Bassi-Cook said. She encourages students to fill out the assessment that they received via e-mail as soon as possible, noting that there will be three reminders sent out as well. Students who complete the assessment by its due date at the end of the semester will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to the SHU bookstore.

The health fair included a demonstration by the SHU Judo Club, led by John Atherton, associate professor of philosophy, who describes Judo as “[a form of] self defense, but [also] an art that goes beyond it.” The aesthetic and dance-like qualities of Judo are what separate it from other martial arts like Karate and Tae Kwon Do, ranking it as one of the most popularly practiced martial arts in the world.

For those at the fair who were interested in unique fitness and salon services, Beauty, Body & Beyond was there to help.  The local business, rooted in Greensburg, provides various salon and fitness services.

There was a 10 minute demonstration of the Bollywood Fitness class that is held off campus every Friday and Saturday at 11 a.m. and every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m., the class costs only five dollars per session for SHU students.

Beauty, Body & Beyond also offers a variety of salon services, including hair, nails, facials, massages and waxing. For more information, visit www.beauty-body-beyond.com.

Roman Carloni, a staff member of The Aerobic Center by Lynch Field in Greensburg, was using a new technology to conduct a body-fat analysis, which measures the body-fat percentage, for students.

“Women should have 20 to 30 percent body fat; men no higher than 25 percent,” Carloni said. He also concluded that the students at SHU faired relatively well.

“I’m using it as motivation to workout in the summer,” said Rachel Slattery, a freshman who participated in the body-fat analysis

A massage therapist offered free massages to students who wanted to release some tension, Chris Holston, a freshman and football player, received a massage and said, “The massage was relaxing. I like it. We should keep the massage part for athletes.”

There was an activity at the health fair for everyone who participated. Whether it was enjoying a massage, watching a Judo demonstration or getting a workout with Bollywood fitness, students were able to become actively involved. Students were able to study the displays and talk to real professionals who could enlighten them and teach them something new about the world of health. For the SHU community, the health fair for “Wellness Week” was both a physical and mental learning experience.




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