Shop online to support your favorite causes and promote awareness

Being an activist doesn’t always require time and energy. Consider buying from any one of these great organizations and givING money to a great cause. Not only will you get a great product, but you will be helping to change the world a little at a time!


1.  (RED)

(RED) has partnered with multiple brands and celebrities to support the Global Fund’s fight against HIV and AIDS. 50 percent of every (RED) purchase funds HIV and AIDS health initiatives in Africa.  Products include clothing by Gap, Converse shoes, books by Penguin Classics, Apple iPad cases, Starbucks coffee and Dell computers.  (RED)’s newest campaign is aiming for a generation born without AIDS by 2015.


2. TOMS Shoes

When you buy shoes from TOMS, they supply a pair of shoes for children who might have grown up shoeless.  Starting in 2006, TOMS has deliver over one million pairs of shoes to locations such as Argentina, South Africa, Rwanda, Haiti, Ethiopia, the United States and more. Children who receive TOMS Shoes are protected from disease and injury. Also, shoes are often required as a part of school uniform, so TOMS allow children an education.


3. Invisible Children

Invisible children supports Internationally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Uganda.  The organization has several programs to supply education, homes and employment to those who have been displaced from their country for over a decade. The Invisible Children Bracelet Campaign provides IDP with employment making bracelets that are sold along with DVD stories of bracelet makers. The campaign also led to the start of Village Savings and Loan Associations when the bracelet makers return home.


4. To Write Love On Her Arms

To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is an organization that promotes awareness and treatment for those encountering depression, self-mutilation, addiction and suicidal thoughts. Under the motto “Rescue is Possible,” TWLOHA holds events and sells apparel along with the sponsorship of several bands including Anberlin, Underoath, Switchfoot and Boys Like Girls.


5.  Songs for Japan

Since the recent tragedy in Japan, several musicians have decided to help out. The new release “Songs for Japan” features artists such as Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Adele, Rihanna, Bob Dylan and John Lennon. The proceeds from the 38-song collection will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross. The album can be purchased from iTunes or Amazon.




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