Owl City is ‘bright and beautiful’

After much anticipation, Owl City’s new CD “All Things Bright And Beautiful” hit store shelves on June 14.

Since the release of the single “Fireflies” in 2009, solo artist Owl City (Adam Young) was propelled to radio fame. With unique electronic keyboard and fun, catchy lyrics, Owl City’s first full-length CD “Ocean Eyes” was an instant hit.

Leading up to the release, Owl City offers a pre-order deal through iTunes and Amazon, that included an immediate download of the single “Alligator Sky” featuring rapper Shawn Chrystopher.

Owl City also produced an iPod/iPad app for the release of the new CD. The app released another new song for listeners as well as music videos and other inside information from Young. The release, “Lonely Lullaby” is softer than a typical Owl City song.

“Galaxies,” in contrast, features computerized strings, a dance beat and an almost excessive use of echoes. Although musically over done, lyrically, it is intended to serve as a deep exploration of passing from this life to eternity from the perspective of an astronaut from the ill-fated Challenger.

Other songs like “Deer in the Headlights” reflect the tongue and cheek, humorous side of Owl City previously introduced in songs like “Dental Care” from Owl City’s second album, “Ocean Eyes.”

Through “Galaxies” and “Angels,” Young touches on his faith, something unexplored by his music, for the most part, thus far.

Young’s blog has often reflected these spiritual views, and he expresses them in this album without losing the feel of his music or preaching. Listeners may not even notice this new spin to Owl City’s music, though it is blatant if one pays attention to the lyrics. Christian and secular listeners alike may be shocked by this seemingly sudden conviction.

Meaningful lyrics definitely seem to be the focus of this CD, at least for Young. Fans will recognize the sound, but there are some new techniques. The CD, at least to this point, seems like it’s going to be unique without being too bizarre. Faith plays a new and important role in “All Things Bright and Beautiful” as well.


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