Willochell Ice serves up summer treats

As the heat pours in during the summer months, stop by Willochell Ice for a fresh cool down.

Willochell Ice is tucked away on a quick alley corner just a block from the Seton Hill University Performing Arts Center (SHUPAC).

“There high quality items for a very good price,” said sophomore (for Fall 2011) Kellie Johnson. “It is within walking distance of SHUPAC and a fabulous place to stop by.”

Willochell Ice has been an ice producing business for 44 years. The company specializes in carved ice designs and also provide ice for area businesses. In the last eight years it has branched off to offer tasty treats.

Cake balls, baklava, canollis, shaved ice, smoothies and bubble tea are all available and made on the spot in front of customers.

Smoothies can be made with whole milk, soy milk or almond milk. All dairy products used at Willochel Ice are local and from Kerber’s Dairy in North Huntington.

Each day a dollar cone is offered with different ice cream flavors for each day of the week.

“The place itself is very quaint,” said sophomore (Fall 2011) Stephen Harvey. “The first time I was there it was for 20 minutes, the lady is so nice.

The inside of Willochell is small and cozy, almost like a grandmother’s kitchen. The walls are adorned with bursts of color, newspaper clippings and photos of ice carvings.

Aside from typical frozen offerings there are items like frozen hot chocolate and homemade ice cream sandwiches.

The homemade ice cream sandwich is made from a brownie cookie with various ice cream flavors and garnishes.

Willochell Ice is located between the bus station and parking garage near Bell Ave. and Pittsburgh St. It is located on Union Ave. alley.

During the summer Willochell is opens its doors every day except for Sunday at 10 a.m.


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