Get set for fall semester with 10 must-have apps

It’s been a year since Seton Hill University (SHU) introduced the iPad campus wide. Even so, there’s still plenty to get hyped up about. For one, incoming freshmen received iPad 2s, which have cameras, enabling users to FaceTime and exploit their photography skills.

1.   “Flipboard” (Free)

“Flipboard” takes advantage of the iPad’s awesome functionality. Flick through photos courtesy of both freelancers and professional photographers. Flip your way through current events, popular and featured stories. Examine news, watch videos and even log into Facebook or Twitter to share your comments. Examine National Geographic images and articles. The only downside are the articles that “require flash,” something iPads do not permit.

2.   “Pixlr-o-matic” (Free)

This app is especially creative for iPad 2 users who can now use their iPad to capture their surroundings; however, iPad 1 users can reap the benefits as well. Users can “tap” into their creative sides and manipulate their photos by adding cool filters, lighting effects and frames. Then, they can save the images to their iPad library and/or upload to Facebook or The best part? This photography app is free of advertisements.

3.   “iStudiez Pro” ($2.99)

This personal planner app is the perfect aid for staying on top of your semester. Equip yourself with a separate calendar which will notify you with every upcoming assignment deadline. You can color code your classes, identify the priority of an assignment and keep track of your professor’s contact information all within the simple to use system. This app will even calculate your GPA if you remember to include your grades for each class.

4.   “Wordpress”  (Free)

This social media blogging app is perfect for SHU students who maintain academic or personal blogs. The WordPress app allows users to maintain several blogs at once and even allows users to upload images within their new entries. This is perfect for last-minute blog writing or in-class reflection opportunities.

5.   “Flashcards Deluxe” ($3.99)

Despite its slightly steep price, the Flashcards app is worth every penny. This app not only allows students to create their own flash cards, but also comes equip with a multitude of pre-generated flashcard sets ready for instant download.  Additional features for this app include the ability to choose which way you view the cards (word or definition), the ability to include photos on flashcards and the ability to sort cards in three sections while studying: strong correct (what you know), correct (what you need to double check) and wrong (no clue).

6.   “Pulse News for iPad” (Free)

Using the awesome touch capabilities of the iPad, you can add your favorite blogs, newspapers and even social networking accounts to your news feed. These sources are turned into a mosaic of pictures from headlines, blog posts and Facebook posts. Then you can click on the pictures and instantly find out what is going on in your circles or current events around the world. With great graphics, and quick and easy articles at your fingertips, this app is a must have for when you’re stuck on campus with no other sources to the outside world.

7.   “WebMD for iPad” (Free)

Not for the hypochondriac! This app comes in handy when you’re in school and you need to know whether or not your symptoms are worthy of the emergency room. The “symptom checker” tab allows you to tap on the part of your body that is affected. “WebMD” then asks you questions about your symptoms and according to your answer, the app will tell you what you might have.

8.   “StumbleUpon!” (Free)

The perfect procrastination and make-you-look-like-you’re-doing-something-in-class tool! When you make your account, you go through checklists with a wide variety of interests and tap on what you like. When you’re finished, just click “stumble” and “StumbleUpon!” will start giving you random websites that you’ve probably never seen before, based on your interests.

9.   “” app (Free)

This is the perfect app for when you’re actually using your iPad for collegiate studies.       You’ll have an easy to use dictionary and thesaurus for when you’re writing an essay and you have a word on the tip of your tongue but you can’t think of it.

10.   “Netflix”/ “Hulu +” (Free plus membership)

Great apps if you don’t have a TV or you want to watch your favorite shows or movies on the run. The iPad versions of both apps are really easy to use and easy to navigate. The picture quality is guaranteed to be awesome—pending your Internet


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