Holiday brings out festive attire

“Christmas time. Oh Christmas time.” That’s right, the holiday season is quickly approaching, and it’s time to bring out your most festive attire. After Thanksgiving, sales are everywhere and everyone is trying to get the best deals on gifts.

But if you’re looking to be up to par on your holiday fashion, know that stripes and patterns are always great for the holiday season, especially Christmas. Whether it is a simple long-sleeved tee or an over-sized sweatshirt, stripes and patterns with holiday colors will make any wardrobe stand out. For ladies, pairing this with simple jeans, a wool scarf and Uggs will keep you warm as well as stylish for this season.

“Being that I’m from Ghana, the weather is beyond different. But during the winter season stripes and patterns are essential in my wardrobe. I love going to H&M, and when I travel to London, I go to a couple small shops to get the latest fashions,” said sophomore Nicole Acquaah.

Gentlemen: pairing your stripes and patterns with simple jeans or khakis with stylish sneakers, like the latest Jordans, will turn heads any day.

Vintage-styled clothes are always in. Bring out mom or dad’s old 90’s Christmas sweatshirts or cardigans and rock the streets strutting your vintage-styled attire.

Hats are also a great seasonal look. Faux fur hats as well as knit beanies are great for both men and women and can be worn with anything.

“[Hats] always can make an outfit pop. [They] are available and easy to find in so many stores,” said junior Chantel Lima.

Online shopping is great for the holiday season. Finding trendy shops online can boost your wardrobe buying pieces you normally won’t see in clothing stores.

“I love online shopping. I recently bought some furry Toms that I had never seen around. You can enhance your style just by picking pieces that you wouldn’t normally see people wearing,” said Acquaah.

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