Local bar hosts Talk Music, Brutal Breakdowns, Bombastic Blues-Rock and Chaotic Metal

With a packed house, the bands rocked Greensburg late into the night. 42nd Street Rock House hosted several bands, on Thurs., Nov. 17. The tour was aptly named  “The Chariot Tour,” featuring The Past Unknown, Former Thieves, Listener, The Crimson Armada, Vanna and The Chariot.

First up was The Past Unknown (TPU), which offered a nice mix of breakdowns and melodies. The performance was decent and kept the crowds interest. TPU offered a genuine interest in the crowd, an interest severely lacking among many bands today. Overall the band was very tight and successfully executed their set.

Next was Dan Smith of Listener.  Never missing a beat, Smith performed solo accompanied by a track. The performance was amazing and Smith’s stage presence unmatched.

I have never seen such a passionate artist, and the crowd clearly shared my sentiment, one could hear a pin drop during the entire set. Smith has crafted a new genre called “Talk Music”, which is perhaps the most unique of genres. Listener was mesmerizing, and after the set was over the crowd begged for more. It was that good. I highly recommend Listener.

Former Thieves was third on the night’s line-up. Taking the stage by storm and with relentless technique, Former Thieves were undoubtedly the most musical band of the tour.

The band had an amazing vibe, and blended genres almost miraculously, spanning from blues to rock, and even some metal. I can’t help but compare the band’s sound to the likes of La Dispute and the recently disbanded PM Today. Definitely one of the night’s highlights.

The Crimson Armada (TCA) was fourth on the list, and made their presence known quickly. TCA is heavy, very heavy hardcore-metal. The five 20-somethings resembled a GQ advertisement, which was a nice contradiction to the genre’s cliché skinny jean requirement.

Almost immediately I was hooked on the band’s strong technical proficiency and level of maturity. Each member exhibited a skill-level well beyond their age, and offered it up in a new a refreshing package.

The most notable element of TCA was singer/screamer Saud Ahmed who gave one of the most impressive vocal performances I have ever seen. If you like The Devil Wears Prada, Every Time I Die or The Word Alive, you will enjoy TCA.

Vanna was perhaps the least impressive band on the line-up. The songs were long, boring and predictable. Vocalist Chris Preece liked to use the F-word when interacting with the audience.

I had very little interest in pursuing the band because of the tirade made by guitarist Evan Lambert concerning members of the audience who were not responding. The band has potential, but they seem to be more interested in the size of their gauges than actually producing a good set. Overall, Vanna was the biggest letdown of the night.

The night was completed by the legendary metal/alternative/punk band, The Chariot, hailing from Douglasville, Georgia. Josh Scogin (vocals) and company played the most energetic, genuine, memorable and chaotic set I have ever seen. I had the honor of talking with Scogin briefly before the show and he was sincerely interested in speaking with a fan.

The Chariot tears down lines of orthodoxy and traditional hardcore shows; they want each member of the audience to experience the freedom that music offers. Scogin said, “I wasn’t sure what tonight was going to hold, but this is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows on this tour.”

It was truly an amazing experience, from stage dives, to bassist Jon Kindler walking around the entire bar and drummer David Kennedy playing the entire last song amongst the crowd. The Chariot is not just another rock show; they are a genuinely unique spectacle. I highly suggest you go and be a part of the experience that The Chariot will undoubtedly offer.

The 42nd Street Rock House is located next to Sonic and Wal-Mart just minutes from Seton Hill University (SHU). The staff was inviting, cheerful and extremely unorganized. The room was cozy, considering it doubled as a bar and rock venue.

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