Welcome article for Freshmen and Stats!

The Seton Hill University (SHU) community is happy to welcome in the class of 2016. There are 347 freshmen, six readmits and 75 transfer students, equalling a total of 429 new students.

Incoming students had the opportunity to adjust to the campus and meet new people these past weekends through a series of events. Some of the programs included Dinner On The Lawn, a hypnotist and musicians, a foam dance and laser tag.

Being one of the largest incoming classes to date, and having 72 percent of them live on campus, SHU had to make adjustments to accommodate new students. This is most notable in the additional freshmen dorms on fourth floor Maura. Other changes can also been seen in the “What’s New At SHU” page.

While 76 percent of the incoming class is from Pennsylvania, the remaining students represent 23 other states and territories and 10 different countries.

The most popular majors among the incoming class, and the university as a whole, are Biology, Business/Accounting, Art, Sports Management and Music.

Welcome and good luck to the class of 2016!

Here are the statistics for the class of 2016.


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