Students spend a second ‘Week With Christ’

After a week of events, the Week With Christ came to an end on Friday.

The student ministry team planned and participated in various events aimed at students, including a bonfire, praise and worship and coffee talk sessions.

“The students wanted to do something to unite the campus and create a more positive atmosphere, all centered in Christian beliefs,” said Sister Maureen O’Brien. “They’re very uplifting events that are student initiated and student directed.”

O’Brien  is head of the campus ministry on the Seton Hill University  (SHU) campus.“I have a passion to work in ministry with young people, young adults. Every opportunity to connect with them is a gift from God.”

During the week, students claimed the Maura Solarium tables and promoted events with music, flyers and bracelets. They also had prayer request forms to put on the wooden cross.

“I liked how it was geared to a younger crowd and that made it more relatable for me,” said freshman Jill Magjuka-Egan.

Sunday began the Week With Christ. On Monday, the featured event was Coffee With Christ where students and faculty met in fellowship to discuss the Bible and Christ. On Tuesday night, they held contemporary praise and worship on McKenna lawn. Wednesday followed with Bibles by the Bonfire, Thursday with Living Testimonies of Christ and Friday with a fellowship night featuring the Jake France Band.

“It was a very humbling experience to attend the different events, meeting new people and experiencing the profound faith that these people have and how they incorporate it into their everyday lives,” said sophomore Liz Smith. “The entire week was a good reminder for me of the sacrifices that were made for me and how blessed I am to be here.”

“This is something, in my wildest dreams, that I wouldn’t have imagined happening,” said O’Brien. “I can plan all the programs in the world, but if it’s not what the students need, it’s crazy. The growth of this event will be determined by the students, and I think they really have responded well.”

The idea for Week With Christ began in April 2011. With the help of campus ministry and Darren Achtzen through Aramark, students bought t-shirts, cookies and paid for expenses to make the dream a reality.

At the mass at the beginning of the Week With Christ, Father O’Shea said, “We should be living with Christ everyday, but this week allows us to explore our faith even further.”

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