Campaign 2012: Political Blurbs

Should Obama or Romney Care About Russia?
by Tabby Gordon

The elections are quickly arriving and the political race this year is a close one. While many here in America have their opinions of the presidential candidates, what about the leaders of other countries?

Recently in Europe, various countries have been publishing news stories about their opinions of the American election.

“Some in the United States dismiss the importance of international opinion,” said Andrew Hammond, former editor at Oxford Analytica and special advisor in the British Government, in an article found in “The Moscow Times,” which is a Russian newspaper written in English.

“But such shortsightedness neglects the crucial role it can play in facilitating foreign policy cooperation and information sharing,”said Hammond.

Russia has been recently talkative about their collective opinions on both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Romney has gone on record stating that Russia is America’s “Number one geopolitical foe and has promised a more muscular Russian policy if he is elected.”

However, even with this statement, Alexei Bayer, a New York-based economist and writer for the Moscow Times, suggests that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, would be better off hoping that Romney wins the upcoming election.

“Obama is no radical environmentalist, but he will continue to support both renewable energy and energy efficiency,” said Bayer. “Therefore, he is a far more dangerous candidate for the stability of the Putin regime than his Republican rival.”

Even if we don’t notice, the world is heavily anticipating the election results and who will be the next President. Whoever is elected next will not only change America but quite possibly the current state of the world itself.

Mitt Romney: Keeping America American
by Ashley Samek

Since the presidential campaign began, Mitt Romney has been seen quite a bit. He is quickly becoming the symbol of relief from the current struggle the American people are facing today. What do you really know about Mitt Romney?

Willard Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan. His father was the former governor of Michigan. Romney attended both Harvard Law School and Harvard business school. He received both a law degree and a Master of Business Administration degree.

In 2003, he became governor of Massachusetts. In 2008 he ran for Republican presidential nomination but lost to John McCain. On August 28, 2012 Romney became the Republican Party’s official presidential nominee. He later announced Paul Ryan would be his Vice President.

His slogan is “Keep America American.” Romney plans to appeal the Obamacare. His plan is to let each state come up with its own form of healthcare that will benefit its citizens. He wants to eliminate the regulations of the Obama administration’s ineffective anti-carbon agenda. He would also like Congress to reform environmental laws to ensure they allow a proper assessment of their costs.

Lastly, there’s the issue of budget. Romney wants to bring federal spending down below 20 percent by the end of his first term. He wants to return non-security discretionary spending to below 2008 levels. In addition, Romney wants to build a simpler, smaller, smarter government.

“…The American people are the greatest people in the world. What makes
America the greatest nation in the world is the heart of the American people:
hardworking, innovative, risk-taking, God-loving, family-oriented American people.”
Let’s Keep America American.

Barack Obama: Forward
by Melissa Cooper

President Barack Obama is running for another term in this year’s election in
November. His new slogan is one word, “Forward.”

At the kickoff of his 2012 campaign at a rally in Columbus Ohio, President Obama
introduced his slogan with this, “They (Mitt Romney and his supporters) are just
hoping you won’t remember what happened the last time we tried it their way. Well
Ohio I’m here to say that we were there, we remember and we are not going back!
We are moving this country forward!”

If President Obama wins the election he intends to build up the economy by
strengthening the middle class. He’s wants more jobs and less taxes for the middle
class. He’s urging states to raise their standards in schools and teachers for the
better of the students’ education. He plans to create more jobs in the energy services
so that we can be more independent from countries that sell us oil. He is pro-choice
and wants to work on making it easier for women to get contraception. He also
wants more affordable healthcare for everyone.

During President Obama’s term in office he saved the manufacturing industry where
he created 466,000 jobs and saved 4.2 million jobs. He cut taxes for the middle class
and small businesses. There was $1 trillion spending cut. Stem cell research was
funded along with the $100 billion that was invested into research and science.
Finally, of course, the Iraq War was ended and Osama Bin Laden was killed.

by Olivia Goudy

Perhaps one of the reasons many 18-29 year olds have low voting statistics is because of their presumed inability to access a voting location. It would seem that a majority of the people in this age range are in college and either unable to go off campus to vote or don’t know about absentee ballots. Well for those of you are in this position, applying for an absentee ballot is simple. To start, you need to register to vote. This can be done by submitting the application that can be picked up at the Registrar’s office here on campus. If you need help filling yours out, they are more than happy to assist you.
Once you are a registered voter, you will receive an official ballot by mail. There are options for the candidates for presidency, local offices and politicians. You can also write in a name. It’s a simple process–but make sure it’s done before Oct. 17. And if you’re already registered, requesting a ballot can be done by visiting Absentee ballots must be received by the day of the election .
If absentee ballots aren’t your thing and you prefer the machine, there are many options here in Greensburg. Visit for a complete listing of voting stations.

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