CaBOOret performers face stormy night at annual event

Even with hurricane Sandy bearing her wrath upon us, the Students Theater Activities Council (STAC) pushed forward with the 2nd annual CaBOOret.

Megan Henderson, a Junior Musical Theater major and president of STAC, put the show together with fellow Junior Musical Theater major Emily Urbaniak.

“It was a lot of fun to set up because everyone who participated helped out. Plus, the faculty is really good about giving us space to perform, so it wasn’t too difficult,” said Henderson.

Before the show, Jessica Hyland, a Sophomore Musical Theater major, was talking about getting ready for the show.

“It’s nice because it’s a lot less stressful than a big production show, so you’re nervous, but if you mess up, everyone is really kind about it,” Hyland said.

Even with the occasional mistake by the performers, the audience carried them on with laughter and cheers. “It was a bonding experience because it was a lot less serious than a normal show. It gave us a chance to grow closer,” said Urbaniak.

The CaBOOret was low key and casual with corny icebreakers in between each performance and the performers reacting with and talking to the audience.

“A lot of us signed up at the last minute because we were worried there would be a scheduling conflict with Bernarda Alba, our next show, which a good number of us are in,” said Hyland.

But to the veterans of theater, a conflict of schedules was nothing new and both Henderson and Urbaniak tackled the challenge head on.

“Scheduling problems always happen so it’s nothing really new,” said Henderson. “That’s the thing with theater, you always have to work around every one’s schedule, but it’s a lot better when everyone works together to make it happen. And that’s just what these performers did.”

Each performance offered something new; from comedies about the ‘Little Known Facts’ of SHU Theater, to the serene melody of ‘Dreams’, to the devilishly gorgeous cry of ‘I am Aldolpho’. Every performer was visibly excited and they were enjoying every moment on stage, which is exactly what theater is about.

With special thanks to Matt Colson, Michael Scaglione, Andy Meholick, Bill Smolter, Megan Henderson, Denise Pullen and The Theater and Dance Faculty, the STAC continues to shine brighter along with every member involved in the making of this wonderful night.

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