New Long Time Divided album keeps listener wanting more

Local band Long Time Divided (LTD) is preparing to release their self-titled debut on Saturday, Nov. 10. Vocalist DJ Beckage, guitarists Bill Costello and Paul Terry, bassist Bob Beveridge and drummer Jason Slick make up LTD. Beckage is a student here at Seton Hill University (SHU), majoring in graphic design with a minor in creative writing . When he’s not practicing with the band, you can find him on campus drawing or doing graphic design. He’s also an active member of the Student Veteran Club.

The opening track of LTD, “Where I Am,” captivates the listener with its introduction. When Beckage starts singing, you can’t help but start to move along with the music. The upbeat tempo continues throughout the CD with a few slower songs mixed in.

“Home From Sea” is an attention grabber. Paul Terry, one of the guitarists, started to read “Requiem” from the book “Underwoods,” by Robert Louis Stevenson during the piece in an eerie, detached way. At first, I couldn’t figure out where the voice was coming from until I realized it was part of the CD. The reading is truly memorable and makes listeners pause with each listen.

“Spiders” was captivating as well. I was unsure at first what they were talking about in the song. Just listening to the lyrics, I thought they were talking about something completely different. For instance, “I am unstoppable, you’ve lost your way.”  I certainly didn’t think they were talking about spiders. I then looked at the title. I listened to the song again and this time it made more sense.

One of the slower tracks on the album is “February Farewell.” The song begins quietly and calmly with a single piano, pulling listeners in. The music crescendos finally adding the drums. This is one I could listen to over and over again.

The track “Black Hole” is another catchy song that you can’t help but bob your head to. The beginning of the song was reminiscent of “The Drug In Me Is You,” by Falling in Reverse. For a moment I thought I had clicked on the wrong song, but then the LTD vocals started. Powerful and full of feeling, the vocals weren’t the same as the lead singer’s of Falling in Reverse.

You can buy LTD’s album through iTunes, Xbox Live, Amazon, Spotify and iHeartRadio. November 10 is also their CD release party held at the Hard Rock Café in Pittsburgh. The doors will open at 10 p.m. and the show will start at 10:30 p.m. Their special guest is Through These Walls. Pre-show tickets are $10 and $12 at the door, this is a 21 and over event. Come out and join the LTD army and support your fellow classmate.

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