Campaign Offices in downtown Greensburg bustle on Election Day

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From the Obama HQ:
Sandy Part One and Two

From the Romney HQ:
The headquarters in Greensburg, PA for both presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama, have been working hard to ensure votes for their candidate. Volunteers at these headquarters described what they have been doing.

“What we do is we make phone calls here, trying to talk to people and find out if they’re planning to vote and cordially ask them if they would consider voting for Mitt Romney,” said Don Krommel, a volunteer at the Romney campaign office.

“My role here is to contact voters and encourage them to get out and vote today. We would like to see them vote for Romney and Ryan because this is the most important election of a lifetime and we need them to save the freedoms that we treasure,” said Rosalie Blehar, another participant in the Romney campaign.

“We spend a lot of time identifying votes. We call people on the phone and we’ve been doing it for months and we keep narrowing the field until we have our designated voters in every precinct. We do persuasion calls first and then we find out who our Obama voters are, then we spend our last four days targeting them and door knocking them,” said Sandy Tangretti who is the head of the Obama headquarters in Greensburg.

“My role is overseeing the headquarters. We do have a young fellow who is our organizer but for these four days they are at another location so he asked me if I would take this role. We have a canvassing director and a person on phones and then we have captains who help the directors. But it is very organized and I’m very proud of that and I oversee the operation,” said Tangretti.

“I don’t think you can really convince a person. You can tell them what you stand for, and what Mitt Romney stands for and hopefully they’ll use good judgement and we can touch their hearts. I think you have to talk to them in a way that you don’t overpower them with demands,” said Krommel.

“This is the last day of a four day push to get out the vote and it’s something that President Obama had used four years ago that I was involved with and it’s just fantastic. We have had a great response. Right now we’re in the process of taking people down to the polls, like the elderly and the handicapped that can’t get to the polls. So it’s really down to each and every vote and we’re really excited about it,” said Tangretti as she talked about the Obama headquarters’ involvement with the campaign.

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