First time voters let their voices be heard in the election

Students everywhere are buzzing about the arrival of the election and casting their votes. Many said they were excited to vote for the first time in this election.

“I actually went to a voting location to vote. I had expected to wait awhile but actually the line went fast. People there were friendly. It seemed to me most of the people there to vote were middle aged and up, with just a few younger voters. It was overall a good experience!” said Maggie Ozzello, a junior graphic design major.

SHU junior secondary math education major Katie Hayes voted by absentee ballot.

“As a first time voter, my experience was definitely positive. I tried to pay attention to the debates and political environment so that I could make an informed decision. I am really glad I was able to participate and exercise my right, as a U.S. citizen, to cast my vote.”

Kaitlyn Davis, a junior anthropology major at the University of Notre Dame, voted by absentee ballot as well.

“I didn’t find anything bad about my experience. My dad just sent me the absentee ballot, I filled it on and then mailed it in.”

SHU junior history major Danielle Dettman is another who voted by absentee ballot.

“The experience was nice. I didn’t really know anything about the amendments that Florida wanted to make. Some of them were confusing.”

Desiree DeClaudio, a sophomore  communication and journalism major at SHU traveled back to Sutersville, PA to cast her vote.

“The experience was exciting. The process was simple, the people helping at the polls were helpful. Overall, it was a positive experience and I will continue to vote in the future.”

“I voted by absentee ballot and got to vote in my pajamas. I am annoyed about the political ads and talk on Facebook,” said junior social work major Jackie Petrus.

Junior self design: hospitality/business administration major Carolyn Bringe voted electronically at Greensburg Salem High School. “I went around 8:15 in the morning and there was no line. That was actually semi-upsetting because I was really hoping to wait in an incredibly long line.”

Bringe said she was still satisfied with her experience.

“The volunteers working the polls were pleasant and the system was simple. I liked that I had the option to vote straight party, even though I did not use it. I like having choices…because I’m American.”

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