Romney makes last stop in Pittsburgh

Mitt Romney waves to supporters before flying away from Coraopolis, PA, Tuesday.

A group of Romney supporters gathered today at Atlantic Aviation in Coraopolis, PA to try to catch a glimpse and a word from presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney.

Romney was in Pittsburgh for a meeting and was not actually expected to speak at Atlantic Aviation. That did not stop supporters from showing up to see him board his plane and take off.

“I was at the Green Tree Republican Center today doing volunteer work,” said Audrey Guskey, associate professor of marketing at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, “I left to see Mitt here and it turns out he went to Green Tree.”

“I was hoping he might speak with us today, but I’m just very thrilled to be here. Everything was great,” said Romney supporter, Eva Aulicino.

Supporters saw Romney’s motorcade as they passed through the gate up to his plane before he departed from Pittsburgh. Romney stopped at the top of the steps and waved and smiled to his supporters before entering the plane.

From Pittsburgh, Romney was flying back to his national campaign headquarters to watch the results of the election.

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