Students active in campus decisions

Students here at Seton Hill University (SHU) seem to be taking an initiative this semester through various events and increased presence in vital decisions. Their dedication to the campus, rather for the sake of themselves or future students, is key to the campus evolution. (?)

Just in this past month, the Students Theatre Activities Council (STAC) presented their first musical, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.” This was the first ever student-run musical here at SHU. Students wanted to see it happen, so their committee dedicated themselves to the production and promotion of their student event. They hope to make this the first of many musicals. It’s just one example of them taking initiative in their life here on campus and using their skills outside of class to have fun.

Another example would be the open forum held for students to propose ideas for the vacant pool on campus. Some wanted to see it filled for exercise and recreational purposes–but others wanted it to be recreated into an entirely different medium. It’s at moments like this we might question whether these decisions will be made for the benefit of all students and the big picture or not.

It’s great to give students the ability to make decisions and weigh in on choices here on campus. After all, we are paying gratuitous amounts of money in tuition and fees to be at this wonderful campus–it’s only right that students get a bit of a say in decisions that will affect them. On the other hand, we will only be here for four years. It might be better to take into consideration the future students that will come through this campus. Are the decisions we make for the benefit of the big picture?

It seems like there are a lot of student-advocated events/clubs on campus. Is part of this because we feel entitled to creating clubs simply because we’re here? There’s a fine line between our power as students for our sake and the sake of the big picture. It’s important for schools to recognize the difference–which SHU seems to do well. This being said, our Administration does a wonderful job of allowing students to be active and vocal about decisions.

There are a lot of dedicated, vocal students here on campus that want to benefit fellow students, stay involved and knowledgeable, and remain active in decisions made that affect them. It’s students like these that are crucial to the future of SHU as we become more oriented to what students want and need.

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