SHU students look towards the future

The elections are over and Barack Obama has been reelected for another four years in office. Students at Seton Hill University had varied reactions to the news.

Some students were excited that Obama won because it allowed them to look towards a brighter future on certain issues they support.

“I’m glad Obama won and women’s rights and same-sex marriages look as promising as ever,” said sophomore Maddy Derby. “New Hampshire elected all women congressmen, Wisconsin has Tammy Baldwin the first openly gay senator and all four states that had same-sex marriage on the ballot, passed.”

Many were happy to give Obama another chance as President hoping he will use his time wisely to improve the country.

“I think the current state of America will get better,” said freshman Bethany Duck who originally stated that she thought Romney would win. “Besides, it’s going to take a lot longer than four years to fix the mess Bush left us.”

“I think Obama will greatly improve the country over the course of the next four years,” said freshman Emma Firment.

Some tended to remain more neutral when Obama was reelected.

“With Obama in office for another four years I think we can expect to see more of the same,” said senior Andy Meholick. “It depends on how you perceive it, it’s not really good or bad, just what we’ve had the last four years.”

Firment commented on how she believes Obama has been looked down upon for unfair reasons.

“A lot of people argue how terrible of a president Obama was since the economy only improved a slight bit while he was in office but they have to realize that fixing a problem like that takes a while,” said Firment.

“After all, there are some people who have been in college for four years and they still have to fix the issue of not mixing up your and you’re and their, there and they’re,” said Firment.

Some students like freshman Molly Zindash weren’t too concerned with the election and were mostly glad for it to end.

“I’m just glad it’s over so I don’t have to see a campaign commercial everywhere I turn,” said Zindash. “I’m especially glad it’s over on Facebook now because some people got way too personal and some became outright mean. It just became annoying by the time Election Day rolled around.”

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