The Obama Headquarters in Greensburg share their excitement

Sandy Tangretti oversaw the Obama Headquarters in Greensburg over the last couple of days leading up to the election. She and her team said they were very excited about the news of their candidate, Barrack Obama, becoming the president for yet another term.

“Well of course we were very excited. We worked very hard for Pennsylvania knowing it was a battle ground state. We were very excited when that came in but we were very optimistic by the polling that we were following and when you see it on screen it makes a big difference,” said Tangretti.

According to Tangretti, the team was pretty emotional during Election Day.

“I don’t know if it was exhaustion at that point. It was a long hard road. I was very proud of everyone on our team that came and worked,” said Tangretti.

Tangretti said the experience was very validating.

“We had mothers that worked that would come in and help and many senior citizens. I looked around the room and it was just amazing because we are such an all inclusive party that if you just look around the room and think don’t you love being a democrat? We include everybody and in the end it was a winner,” said Tangretti.

The next step for these workers will be cleaning out the office for the next several days.

“ I’ve talked to Thomas who is the field organizer and he’s been there all this afternoon. Most of the people on the team will be in tomorrow and go through the stuff in the office. We have a lot of personal stuff there and most of it is all donated from the community. We’re in the process of donating it to the women’s shelter or other charities,” said Tangretti, who has participated in the Greensburg Democratic office in the past.

Long-term plans for the office include more campaigning.

“We will hopefully be involved in the governors race in Pennsylvania. Most of the people that live there are committed to education and we even have some professors from Seton Hill University and St. Vincent and hopefully we stay energized for that and we look forward to it,” said Tangretti.

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