SHU Feminist Collective continues Standing in Stilettos calendar

Domestic violence, gender inequality and common misconceptions about feminism are just a few of the things that Seton Hill University’s (SHU) Feminist Collective group hopes to decrease.

“I think there is still some taboo with the ‘F word’, being feminism, it is about human rights, it is genderless. Do you have a mom, a sister, a girlfriend or a friend that is a girl? Then this involves you,” said Maureen Vissat, assistant professor and advisor to the Feminist Collective.

With the release of the third annual Standing in Stilettos calendar, the Feminist Collective continues to spread the word to end domestic violence. The aim of the calendar is to get the students, faculty and staff involved in the effort to end abuse and violence.

“Let’s really think about this. How can we take a really horrifically, sobering, awful subject about domestic and sexual violence and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?” said Vissat. “As a Catholic institution, if any group is oppressed, we are all not served. This is about equality and justice for everybody.”

With photography done by senior Brittany Allen, and graphic design work by assistant professor Matthew Donaldson, the calendar incorporates various men of SHU participating in their different sports and disciplines.

“We want people to know that we welcome men into being in a partnership with us after being a traditional women’s college,“ said Maria Lemmo, vice president of the Feminist Collective and a senior psychology major.

Calendars will be on sale in the Writing Center, at sporting events and outside of the cafeteria, $5 for students and $10 for non-students. All proceeds from the calendar sale go to the Blackburn Center, a local organization against domestic and sexual violence.

“I think one of the major misconceptions that we need to get past is that a lot of people would say that feminism isn’t needed anymore because women have their right to vote, what else do we need?“ said Lemmo. “They don’t understand that there are still so many facets that women are still underprivileged in such as in the workplace.”

The fourth annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event, is scheduled for April 12. The event provides an opportunity for men to demonstrate that they are willing to be partners with women to make the world a safer place.

 “While women are more likely to raise children, they make less money than mess in the workplace,” said David von Schlichten, an advocate for the club. “For every dollar that a man makes, a woman of equal experience makes 77 cents.”

The Feminist Collective also participates in the Equal Pay Day Event, which is scheduled for April. You can also visit the Feminist Collective’s Facebook page for additional information.

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