SHU students celebrate multicultural backgrounds

Seton Hill University (SHU) hosted it Intercultural week. Students and faculty gathered in Lowe Dining Hall Friday to celebrate the Intercultural Food Festival from 7:30 to 11 p.m.  The festival was held to provide an experience that shares different kinds of life from different cultures.

“It’s an annual event that I know a lot of people on campus look forward to,” said Keisha Jimmerson, main event coordinator and supervisor. “It’s how we can learn from one another. We pride ourselves on being a diverse university, and it is a great way to show it.”

Each table was decorated colorfully and had fact sheets with facts about the countries that were represented to entertain guests while they waited to eat.

The event kicked off with an introductory and thank-you speech given by Jimmerson: “If it weren’t for the help of the students, and their willingness to be involved, energized, and willing to cook none of this would have been possible”

Sister Ann Infanger gave the blessing before the cooks took their positions behind their dishes. Each cook prepared a sample of his or her dish, and served it to guests.

Regions represented were Nepal/India, France, China, Caribbean, Scotland, Korea, Italy, Southern USA, Japan, Spain, Virgin Islands and Trinidad. Dishes included were soups, salads and desserts, as well as other foods.

“This gave people a sense of community. Everyone got a chance to show off their culture and to try new ones, as well as some delicious food,” said freshman Willa Black.

While guests ate, a student band named Chocolate Thunder performed and served as the entertainment for the night. Lead singer Shaqui Scott introduced each band member in between performing songs.

“This event is great! It gives a chance to see the ways of living and cooking that we don’t normally see. It’s all about the different flavors, it wakes people up,” said Marilyn Fox Lewis of SHU campus ministry. “I think that for people from other countries to have a chance to taste food from their home is comforting to them too.”

The event was viewed as a success by all the organizers that were involved. “It is always a success, but the turnout for this year was great! This kind of event can appeal to so many people,” said senior Corey Rogers. “I think this is such a wonderful idea. We get to experience the world. It’s an intimate experience where you can travel and experience other countries without actually leaving Seton Hill University.”

“I found out about the event from Griffin’s Lair. I was looking for something to do and came upon this. It seemed like it’d be an interesting event to attend.  I was really excited to taste all the different foods,” said freshman Kaylee Hansberry

 An Intercultural Mass held on Nov. 3 prefaced the food festival.

The intercultural week intended to demonstrate the different cultures of other countries, and to expand on the demographics found at SHU according to Jimmerson.

“This was a great event, and I look forward to coming back to it in the future,” said Black.


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