Seton Hill Government Association discuss Lowe Dining Hall

Possible renovations to Lowe Dining Hall in the near future. Photo courtesy of C.Arida/Setonian
Possible renovations to Lowe Dining Hall in the near future. Photo courtesy of C.Arida/Setonian

The Seton Hill Government Association (SHGA) held its second meeting of the semester on Thursday, Sept. 17 in the Administration building.

President Mary Finger announced that plans are being discussed to renovate Lowe Dining Hall. There are no official plans yet, but Finger said that next fall would be a possibility for the renovations to be complete.

“It is absolutely necessary,” said Gabby Giovenco, sophomore at SHU. “It’s silly when you have to worry about going to Lowe and getting a seat.”

Patty Rogers, staff member at Lowe, said there is “talk of expanding into the parking lot behind Lowe. This is where the serving bars and food lines would be.” She also said the offices would be moved upstairs in order to open up space for more seating.

“They are also thinking about getting air conditioning,” Rogers said.

Thursday’s meeting was the first in which Finger attended as president of Seton Hill University (SHU). She was there to discuss the many changes that will be coming to SHU. The changes were brought to light from students on campus. “Here at Seton Hill, your opinion really matters,” said Finger.

“There would be a lot less stress on students trying to find a place to live,” said Kristin Coleman, sophomore at SHU, while discussing the possibility of a new residence hall on campus.

Finger said that the university recognizes the lack of housing on campus with the growing population. She said that the plans for building a new residence hall are “very preliminary,” there are no dates set yet.

Concerns were brought up during the meeting on tuition and cost efficiency. “We’re building new spaces, but we are leaving the old ones empty,” said Margaret Gerthoffer, sophomore at SHU. Gerthoffer said students are worried that with these building and renovating projects, that prices in tuition will go up.

Finger said, “We’re working hard to assure that this doesn’t come back on the students.” Many of the renovations and additions to campus are done with help of donations and grants. The next SHGA meeting will be held on Oct. 1 at 4 p.m. in the Administration building.

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