How to balance a heavy workload

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We all know how it feels to be overwhelmed and swamped with work. The days seem to fly by so quickly and it’s almost like there’s not enough time in the day to get anything done. Some days it might even seem like there’s no more room in the schedule for fun. It can be shrugged off as, “That’s life,” or “Welcome to college,” but that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are a few habits to get into that could help with organizing your time and freeing up some space on those hectic days.

1. Make use of those dollar store calendars and planners. Having everything written down with specific times will help relieve stress and make sure nothing important is skipped over while studying for that exam. I have a large calendar hanging on my door with all of the days I am working and then another smaller one for important meetings and events I have to attend. Having a physical schedule to rely on allows our brain to relax a little more throughout the day.

2. Have homework assignments all in one place. Professors try to make assignments easily assessable and the Canvas calendar also helps with this. But every now and then there’s that one assignment that slips through the cracks and a moment of panic sets in. Try going through each syllabus and writing down the due date and name of the assignment in a notebook. The calendar could work for this as well.

3. When enough is enough, relax. With work, school, sports, homework and countless other activities, it becomes overwhelming when you work at it day after day. It’s okay to snuggle up in a blanket and watch a movie after you complete the necessary tasks for that day. Try taking a half hour break between homework assignments: Grab a drink at the Cove, meet a friend for lunch, take a shower, etc. Being able to accomplish tasks while staying relaxed and comfortable is something that can benefit you throughout your life-in and out of college.

4. It’s okay to say no. Make a mental list of what is most important with your schedule right now. Do the tasks in that order and when something comes up suddenly and you don’t think you have enough time, then don’t do it. School work and clocking in those hours will not only benefit you now but in the future as well. Saying no to hanging out with your friends one night so you can prepare for a test or finish that project won’t hurt. Finding your perfect balance will take time and effort.

5. Take care of yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the more you will be able to accomplish. Drink plenty of water and make sure to eat some nutritious foods before a major workout, test or stressful situation. There may be a lot of studying to do, but without a good night’s rest you won’t be feeling up to par.

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