Police Blotter: February 2017

Feb. 1 at 14:30 “A resident student was in possession of a prohibited weapon (a BB gun) on Seton Hill property.”
Feb. 1 at 22:32 “Burnt food was the cause for a fire alarm activation in Canevin. Ventilation was needed.”
Feb. 2 at 00:52 “Someone wrote graffiti/derogatory statements on the chalkboard in the Saint Joseph’s breezeway.”
Feb. 2 at 10:30 “An Aramark employee reported damage to his vehicle while parking in parking lot E (hit and run).”
Feb. 8 at 1:24 “A fire alarm activated on Farrell 1st floor. The cause was burnt popcorn.”
Feb. 12 at 16:38 “A fire alarm activated at the CDC school. Steam from a pressure valve was the cause.”
Feb. 12 at 18:45 “A smoke detector activated on 2nd Canevin. The cause was someone using a cologne spray.”
Feb. 13 at 15:03 “A smoke detector activated on 2nd Farrell. The cause was due to food in a microwave that was burning.”
Feb. 14 at 14:22 “A student reported his meal plan card missing, and person(s) were using the card fraudulently.”
Feb. 24 at 12:15 “A commuter student reported being harassed by a resident student.”

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