Seton Hill launches new computer programs and cybersecurity major

There are currently over half a million job openings in information technology (IT) in America. Cybersecurity is one of the most important as it protects that information. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

As technology develops and more and more companies are in demand for security of their information, SHU has announced a new cybersecurity bachelor of science degree and two online certificate programs in data analytics, or big data, and software application development.

Students with cybersecurity degrees can go into an array of different fields and careers, including security analyst, security software developer and cryptanalyst. Interests can also include computer or forensic science, mathematics and criminal justice.

“Cybersecurity refers to methods used to protect digital information from being stolen or compromised,” describes SHU’s website. “Since individuals, governments, corporations and financial institutions around the world rely on their digital assets, the need for protection from hackers and cyberthieves grows stronger every day.”

According to Forbes Magazine, there were over one million jobs in the cybersecurity field in 2016, and is expected to grow from a $75 billion industry to a $170 billion industry by 2020. The average information security analyst earns $88,890 per year as of 2015.

“Our small class sizes allow for personalized attention,” explained SHU Provost Susan Yochum in a statement. “And our cybersecurity major will be framed and rooted in a liberal arts environment, where students learn skills that prepare them for the workforce and to become productive and ethical members of society. These skills include effective communication, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and a global perspective.”

Along with the new major, two online certification programs will start at the end of March, with three start times a year. Both of the certificate programs can be completed in less than a year.

Students will get to work hands-on with data. Photo courtesy of

The data analytics certification will work with “big data,” or large sets of data that are analyzed computationally to reveal trends or patterns. Companies utilize this data in order to prevent problems with their sites and information, as well as adapt their sites to their consumers for more of a reach.

The software application development program will allow students to work with and build web pages and applications for both online and mobile technology. This hands-on approach is important in creating a “real world” scenario for future careers.

SHU is known for being a technologically-savvy school, being an Apple Distinguished School since 2010. All full-time students receive a Macbook Air and an iPad Mini thanks to the Mobile Learning on the Hill program.

“The new certificate programs in data analytics and software application development, along with the newly-launched major in cybersecurity, will ensure that Seton Hill is able to meet the region’s needs and provide our students with the education that will lead to successful careers,” said SHU President Mary Finger in a release statement.

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