Poems and Paintings

Painting by M.Wilson.

Difficult Women

my every song

was in that key you always hated

because it was too difficult to learn



they loved to hear me ring

singsong bells of my story

only listening but you wanted to read

the unabridged version savored

on delicate lips and the tip of your tongue

your gentle fingers following along the lines

of stretch marks and secret scars

reading the Braille of my prickled skin

written in a language only for you

Painting by M.Wilson.



The seeds we sow are the seeds that grow

And you can’t water a garden with wine

I was buried under brittle Winter

My life planted neat in a line

Imagine my luck, to bloom with you

Your blossoms hand in hand with mine

So when you read the braille of my prickled arms

I know Spring’s love will treat me just fine

Published By: Paige Parise

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