Springing into Summer: Plans for the upcoming break

“Instead of going home for the summer, I’m working as a summer RA at Seton Hill and as a farm hard at Palmer’s, a family farm in Greensburg. I’m excited to spend time this summer reading, writing and exploring western PA.” -Madeleine Robbins




“This summer, I’m going to Transylvania with Dr. Arnzen to host a literary track at a convention. I’m sure we won’t start any international incidents or get bitten by a vampire. Then I’m going to visit friends in Seattle, San Francisco and Minneapolis, and spend some time with my family in Chicago. While I’m doing this I’m going to be working on another major revision of the book I’m writing. Then I’ll be back in Greensburg for our MFA residency. For the rest of the summer, who knows? Adventure awaits.” -Dr. Nicole Peeler


“I always knew that my educational career would be a long one. A road that feels like it would never end. I guess when you want to work with the mind, to understand the ins and outs of it, and how it relates to personalities can do that to a person. I am a graduating senior here at SHU, earning my degree of Bachelor of Arts: Art Therapy with a Minor in Art History. Not only is it the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) requirements, but preferably my own drive and wants. After graduation here at SHU I will be spending the entire summer working and spending time with loved ones. I have a job nannying two boys all summer, as well as having a Painting with a Twist position as a Teacher/Instructor. I like to keep busy and not feel like I’m bored half the time. When I have breaks and/or days off, I plan on spending every second with family and close friends. My whole summer will consist of this before the fall semester begins. I am planning on continuing my education as I said before, with a Master’s in Art Therapy. I’m not officially decided on where I would be going, but the possibilities are out there. Once the summer is up, I will earn my Masters Degree and further advance my dream career.” -Tori Kasaczun


“I am a Miami, Fla. native and plan to head back down south to intern in a law firm and take the LSAT in hope of going into law school. As well I look forward to serving the community in any way shape or form.” -Fito Andre




“This summer I plan to volunteer at my local hospital and try to earn some money for the next semester. I work for a wedding reception so I’m excited to get paid to attend different people’s weddings again!” -Anitha Kunnath




“I intend to use my summer for three things that have been straining in my life: my reading, my writing and my peace of mind. I have four books that I’ve been forced to put on the self early because of my scholarly work: “Dracula,” “It,” “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and “Play Dead” by Seton Hill’s own Dr. Arnzen. I also plan to get back to work on my own project, what I intend to be my first published piece, which I started in my popular fiction course my first semester at Seton Hill. It’ll be nice to have time again.” -Nicholas Dormihal


“I’ve spent the last few summers here in Pennsylvania. However, this year I’m going back to my hometown of Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho. Bonner’s Ferry is a small town where common city occurrences like ambulance sirens spark gossip around the neighborhoods. Everyone knows everyone, and every kid is known as the son or daughter of some parent. In Bonners, I’m no longer Sonny. There, I am ‘Ralphie’s Boy.’ Once I get there, I hope to work at the fish hatchery that my father worked at. If all goes well, I’ll be spending my summer working, and being with family that I rarely see.” -Sonny Bahe


“Surprisingly, I’m excited to work. I work for my dad at the Meadows Frozen Custard. We had a fire on January 2 and have been closed ever since. I know it’s going to be super busy, but I’ve been working there since I was 15 and I miss it. Besides that, I go on a mission trip every summer with my church and this is my fourth and final year going. It’s a great way to get away from everything and help those in need, and also meet new friends around the country. My summer will be busy, but on my off time, getting some time away from studying will be nice.”   -Tori Derito


“This summer I will be traveling to Spain with Professor Judith Reyna. We will be visiting Seville, Cordoba and Grenada. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and I am looking forward to this new experience.” -Kristin Coleman

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