Kicking off the school year with fall festivities

Students line up on DeChantal Lawn for Griffin Nation Friday’s free shirt. This year’s shirt was designed by junior Steele Eckenrode. Live music and food were also a part of the day’s activities. Photo by H.Carnahan/Setonian.

This year’s Welcome Week included the traditional foam dance on DeChantal Lawn and new activities such as fireworks, Paracord bracelet making, a paintball fight in an inflatable playing field, a concert and movie on DeChantal Lawn, bowling at Zone 28 on Friday and our first Griffin Nation Friday of the year.

Junior Erika Totaro suits up for a round of paintball. Photo by H.Carnahan/Setonian.
From left to right: Sophomores Nicole Stricek, Gianna Donate, Jenna Synder and Mary Paulone smile at the foam dance. Photo courtesy of M.Paulone.

Welcome Week was a great way to not only kick off the semester but also a great way to start to get to know your classmates. It was like a week-long kick off party.

With activities like the letter art and poster sale, it was a great way to make and find things to decorate your room, especially if it seems bare or you didn’t bring enough decorations to make your dorm room unique to you. The letter art was a big hit for being a new activity and the poster sale had hundreds of posters to choose from. I personally know that I loved finding my Frank Sinatra and giraffe/shark posters at the sale. The foam dance is another personal favorite because it’s a fun way to get sudsy while jamming out to the latest hits.

But of course, Welcome Week isn’t the only time we have activities on campus. We will have Griffin Nation Fridays throughout the year, along with some other great activities. This semester we will be having our annual Shocktober fest during the end of October, homecoming weekend on Oct. 12-15, Christmas on the Hill during first weekend in December, midnight bingo and midnight breakfast during finals week and many more events.

Many clubs are planning sales and awareness days/weeks, if you are interested in learning more stop by the involvement fair on Sept. 7. But of course we can’t forget about our sports teams! Our football team has six home games this year, which are always fun, as well as soccer, field hockey, volleyball, equestrian, cross country and later on in the semester, both men’s and women’s basketball. Make sure to go out and support your fellow Griffins!

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