Upperclassmen offer advice for the new school year

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Freshman year can be difficult and intimidating! I remember being lost for the first few weeks, and a kind upperclassman gave me a life-changing Seton Hill tip: When you’re on main campus, and you aren’t sure if you’ve changed buildings, watch the floors. When the floors change, you’ve changed buildings. In honor of their great advice and the start of the semester, here are nine other tips from upperclassmen that they wish they knew their freshman year!

  1. “Become friends with upperclassmen.” –Alexis Johnston (sophomore)
  2. “Make a college bucket list.” –Melissa Carden (senior)
  3. “Talk to new people. Literally everybody wants to make friends just as much as you do, they’re just as scared as you are and want to be approached. If you see somebody that you want to be friends with, just go and talk to them.” –Ryan Haberman (sophomore)
  4. “Read from the beginning, and don’t take reading assignments lightly.” –Angela Ehrhardt (senior)
  5. “Don’t be afraid to talk to professors from the start.” –Emily Cygrymus (junior)
  6. “Be open to new relationships in college.” –Devina Colon (sophomore)
  7. “Explore what makes you happy!” –Maryanne White (junior)
  8. “It’s not like high school. You can’t get by on procrastination anymore!” –Anuj Vij (junior)
  9. “Don’t take excessive naps.” –Marissa Birus (junior)

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