Make a new friend at Take a Bear event

David von Schlichten, assistant professor of religious studies, poses with the giraffe for the SHPB’s social media countdown. Photo from the SHPB Facebook by Katie Carlson.

Feb. 8 marks the third year for the Seton Hill Programming Board’s Take a Bear, Send a Bear. Students are able to have a Build-A-Bear experience at this Valentine’s day event, and they also have the opportunity of sending the bear, along with a card, to someone of their choice or they can keep it for themselves. This event is usually held in Admin parlors and the lines would extend from there to the Commuter’s Lounge, but this year it was time for a change.

“This year is no exception,” said Director of Student Involvement Elise Michaux. “We’re holding it in Cecilian Hall rather than the parlors because I don’t want to distract the students who have classes.”

In previous years, students were able to walk up and wait in line, but now students had to register on Orgsync. This change was made so everyone would have a fair chance for attending the event, including the commuters.

“The commuters and on-campus students will have a chance to be involved and being in Cecilian gives them more time to shop around, rather than being rushed,” Michaux said. The event was three hours longer this year, giving students more time to attend.

“It gives me a chance to help other kids and provide a small child with a furry friend, that might comfort for whatever they may be going through,” said freshman health science-pre med major Samantha Moon. “I also think it’s something sweet to do because it shows you’re thinking about others.”

“I’m very excited about this year because we’re trying a different layout and I always like to try new things,” Michaux said. “This year the staff and faculty are helping, so it will be a clean procedure and it’s a fresh touch to the day.”

“There are two sides where the students can go and choose their animal, then they go to the stuffing station in the middle of the room,” Michaux said. A few of the animals are a bulldog, a penguin, duck, lion, monkey, black lab, pig, turtle and giraffe. Always have a plan B in case your first animal choice is gone.

While the students love the animals, they also adore the little t-shirts that they’re able to choose. Junior Business entrepreneurship major, Steele Eckenrode is the SHPB’s creative executive designer. He’s also planning on getting his graphic design certificate.

Sophomore Sara Como hugs a stuffed elephant.
Photo from the SHPB Facebook by Katie Carlson.

“There’s always a trial and error coming up with sketches, but my inspiration comes from images or objects I see and incorporate them into my own designs,” Eckenrode said. “My freshmen year I had designed the poster for the event, but I also run a design committee, to which I pass off designs to other designers and they’re currently in the process of creating the valentine cards for the event.”

“This would be an event I continue to promote on campus and if I can improve it every year, I will,” Michaux said. “Because of the success we made it bigger and will make it better every year.”

Published By: Stephen Dumnich

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