Volleyball Club hits the semester off with a spike

Featured left to right: Volleyball club president Jessie Belding (left) and Amanda Snyder (right) stand waiting for the ball. Snyder gives Belding a thumbs up. Photo from L.Pogue/Setonain.

“Volleyball club is a welcoming place where we just hangout and play volleyball. All skill levels are welcome. It is a place to grow socially and athletically. For people looking for a higher level of play, we also attend and host tournaments throughout the year,” said volleyball club president Jessie Belding, a hospitality and tourism major.

Every Wednesday and Sunday, the Seton Hill University volleyball club gathers to play numerous games. 

“Volleyball club plays eight to tenish,” said Belding. 

On Sept. 23, 15 participants joined together in the Sullivan gym to help set up the net and play multiple games throughout the evening.

I find it awesome how people who have never played volleyball before coming to the club can leave the club knowing the sport with confidence and ability to play at a proficient level,” said biochemistry major Rocco Kempa.

Kempa has been a member of the club for three years and has prior volleyball experience.  

“We have had several members who came to SHU not knowing anything about volleyball and leaving with the ability to be a strong player in competitive setting,” said Kempa. 

Pictured above are members of volleyball club lined up against the net, waiting to be broken up into teams. During this meeting, 15 students attended to play numerous games. People of all skill levels are invited to come out and join the SHU Volleyball Club. Photo from L.Pogue/Setonian.

The volleyball club is an organization that allows people of all different skill levels to learn and play.

“We do accept those of all levels, and those with no prior experience at all. We try our best to help those that want to learn how to play, so they can have fun and want to continue coming back,” said Abby Karg, who is an English major and the volleyball club vice president.

As the numerous teams swapped in and out of the games, the attendees listened to music while they played. Volleyball club is an event where students can meet new people and make friends from different majors. 

“I enjoy how welcoming the club is. It’s a very chill environment which shows competitiveness, as well as acceptance of all skill levels. I love playing the sport with great friends I would not have met otherwise,” said Kempa.

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