Events happening on the hill for Homecoming

Oct. 9-13, Seton Hill university will host Homecoming & family days. SHU will conduct various activities during those days. Photo from

“When you think of all the different types of Griffins that we have on campus and all over, I think we’ll be a very good example of Seton Hill pride,” said Matthew Zielinkski, director of new student and transition programs on upcoming homecoming week activities. “Regardless of who you are, so if you’re a family member who’s coming to visit your college student, there’s going to be fun for you, if you’re an alumni who’s coming back, there’s going to be good times for you, our student athletes have a lot to be proud of with their great accomplishments on and off the field, that they’ll be able to celebrate.” 

Seton Hill will be hosting numerous festivities to celebrate homecoming around campus from Oct. 9 through the 13th. This homecoming and family week will feature various favorite student events such as the ghost tour, pep rally, athletic events and more. As well as seeing those, new events have been added for more Griffin pride such as the new Homecoming Cup event (featured on page #3). To register for the homecoming cup, register on Shine. 

Wednesday, Oct. 9 kicks off the week with our themed Oktoberfest dinner in Lowe Dining Hall, 4:30-8 p.m. 

“We are working to have a German band, Autobahn, come and provide entertainment, we expect them to play polkas, and have accordions, it’ll be really cool,” said Ashley Zwierzelewski, director of Alumni Relations. 

Oct. 10 will include a bonfire, the first of many ghost tours, and a pep rally, where homecoming court will be announced. 

The evening of Oct. 11, a Hall of Fame Awards Dinner will be held in the Boyle Health Sciences Center and will include a special tribute in memory of former head coach and director of athletics, Coach John Fogle, who passed March 19, 2019. 

Following the dinner, the Make-A-Wish Fundraiser lip sync contest will be held in Cecilian hall, as well as a volleyball game against Lock Haven a ghost tour, and a welcome reception will be held. 

Oct. 12 will provide service opportunities for Griffins to partake in with the Caritas Christi homecoming service project. After the service project, men’s soccer and volleyball games will take place. A special ceremony will be held to retire Maggie Murray’s no. 9 jersey during the volleyball game. Murray, was a four year member of the SHU volleyball program who passed Sept. 29, 2018. 

“What’s really special, during the women’s volleyball game Saturday, we are retiring Maggie Murray’s jersey. It’s a great way to honor the legacy she left behind when she passed away, so I think that will be an emotional program, but also really special,” said Zwierzelewski. “It’s very much an appropriate way to recognize Maggie and all that she did here at Seton Hill, and the legacy that she left behind for the volleyball program. Expecting some folks from her hometown to be at that, so it’ll be a special ceremony, but it’ll be emotional too.” 

There will also be a pregame tailgate for SHUs football game against Gannon University Oct. 12 as well from 1-4 p.m. During the football game, the homecoming king and queen will be crowned during halftime. Trivia night and a Monte Carlo night fundraiser will follow the football game, both start at 8 p.m. as well as a final ghost tour at 8:30 p.m. There is a separate admission fee associated with Monte Carlo night fundraiser in Cecilian hall, for more information, visit 

Sunday, Oct. 13 will wrap up homecoming week with Griffins having the chance to attend 9 a.m. mass in St. Joseph Chapel and enjoy brunch to close out the festivities. There are a lot of events to look forward to, in the meantime, more information on Homecoming and Family week can be found on SHINE or

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