Seton Hill student reflects on PCA conference experiences and future endeavors

Seton Hill senior communication major Brittaney Pietrangelo presented at the 80th annual Pennsylvania Communication Conference at Penn State. Photo from B.Pietrangelo.

During the last weekend of September, SHU senior Communication major Brittaney Pietrangelo presented at the 80th annual Pennsylvania Communication Association (PCA) conference at the Penn State Berks campus in Reading, Pa. 

This conference is hosted annually to promote philosophy, research, service, teaching and development in all areas of interpersonal communication. It also provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to meet influential scholars and philosophers in their respective fields.  

“I attended this conference to present my studies from Communication Research,” said Pietrangelo. “I discussed the topic of leadership because I feel that it should be taken more seriously in the professional world. It’s not about being a boss or a dictator; it means so much more than that. Leadership is about being a role model.” 

Pietrangelo attended this conference and put together her presentation with the guidance of Dr. Jen Jones, an associate professor, the Communication Department Coordinator of Seton Hill and the 2019 president of the PCA. 

Pietrangelo’s research focused on Immanuel Kant’s philosophies of the categorical imperative and moral theory. 

“The theory essentially discusses treating others as an end and not a means to something else,” said Pietrangelo. “Kant’s philosophies discuss ethics and morality not as a means for personal benefit, but just for the purpose of doing good. In terms of leadership, it should be viewed as a role to create a change, for the betterment of not only oneself, but something greater that is important.” 

Her presentation, officially titled “A Kantian Approach to Leadership,” was presented during the last panel on Sept. 28th. It was showcased during the last poster session of the evening.

“I met Ronald Arnett, a scholar I actually referenced in my paper regarding qualitative and quantitative research. It was an experience I will never forget,” Pietrangelo said. 

Featured left to right: Brittaney Pietrangelo (left), Ronald Arnett (middle) and Hannah Long (right) pose for a photo at the 80th PCA conference at the Penn. State Berks campus in Reading, Pa. Pietrangelo and Long are both students at SHU. Photo from B.Pietrangelo.

She, alongside hospitality and tourism major Hannah Long, even had the opportunity to take a picture with this notable scholar. 

“It was actually amazing having the opportunity to present to a community outside of Seton Hill and receive feedback from scholars, philosophers and other professors from across the state of Pennsylvania,” Pietrangelo said.

In terms of professional development, Pietrangelo stressed that this conference allowed her the opportunity to go out and present her research, without relying on notes or her poster as a crutch for the discussion of her ideas.

“I really want to be a broadcaster,” said Pietrangelo. “So, I feel that this conference helped me to gain confidence in what I can say and what I can do in when discussing topics from my own knowledge and understanding on the matter.” 

Since this conference, Pietrangelo has started an internship with CBS KDKA. She will be doing news reporting and sideline sports reporting, and she will have the opportunity to broadcast live on the air.

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