Student theatre activists rally and prepare

The Seton Hill University (SHU) Student Theater Activity Council (STAC) has recently implemented changes to their constitution.

“The purpose of the STAC constitution is to clarify any duties and roles within club officers and event coordination, as well as serve for a place to go for anyone curious about what the STAC is all about,” said senior Andy Meholick.

 The club decided not to organize a show this semester and instead opted to rally their efforts and perfect their organization. They will also begin to deliberate on a production for the following semester and who will direct it.

 Their mission statement is to promote “an organization that provides theatrical production and performance opportunities, support for independent projects…” Sophomore theater major Bill Smolter is working with fellow board members to amend the current system in order to honor their statement.

 Changes will include changing the number of officers from eight to only five to foster effectiveness. They also added a stipulation that campus representatives should be non-theater majors. Subtle changes were also made to the board positions and the planning process.

 “This is to ensure that we are having a good group of office that are encouraged to be more involved with the club and club activities,” said Smolter, current vice president. He was also nominated as president for the following school year.

 The club presented their first ever performance, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown,” in the Fall 2012 semester. The group is comprised entirely of students. Currently, there are roughly 35 students of various majors and the club’s academic advisor, Denise Pullen. Their organization has been present on campus now for five years.

“I am so proud of the club and I hope this constitution will help the club remain as successful as it has been,” said Meholick.

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