Get Ready to SHINE with SHU’s new student engagement platform

Pictured above is a screenshot of how to access SHINE from MySHU: go up to the right hand side bar in the corner, scroll down to where it says SHINE and click the link. Screenshot by A.Meyers/Setonian.

There’s a new engagement platform on the Hill, called SHINE, where the Seton Hill community can see a lot of future campus activity.

SHINE, the Seton Hill Internal Network for Engagement, is replacing OrgSync as the new platform to see different events, service, meeting opportunities and more at SHU.

“OrgSync, we found it to not be as user friendly as we had anticipated,” said Elise Michaux, director of student leadership and involvement. “We had the opportunity to take hold of this new platform called Engage, but we get to name it. So, we decided SHINE.”

SHINE can be accessed through MySHU, Seton Hill’s intranet.

“What we’re hoping is that the students take a liking to it, and see all of the opportunities that they can take advantage of here on the hill,” Michaux said. “From all our clubs and organizations, to what our athletic teams are doing, service opportunities will be presented on it as well, and a plethora of other things.”

Pictured above is the home page of SHINE on a laptop computer. Screenshot by A.Meyers/Setonian.

Since late June, Michaux has been working on the new platform. “If you remember, OrgSync also was not mobile friendly, and this is, so from Google Chrome or Safari, students will be able to log in, sign up for our trips, see what’s going on and all that good stuff from either the app or the web, which is really nice,” Michaux said.

The mobile app, CORQ, “it’s C-O-R-Q, not like K,” is where Griffins can see all different events happening around campus. “You’ve got a lot going on on there and I’m excited for the clubs and orgs being on there, because this will be a way for everybody to see when meetings happen, when events are happening and everything in between,” said Michaux.

“It is being well received simply because it looks a lot cleaner than OrgSync. The first few words that come out of peoples mouths about it when I’ve been introducing it is, ‘it looks like ours.’ OrgSync didn’t really look like it belonged to us because of the look of it. It’s user friendly, it’s a fresh look and it’s easy to navigate,” said Michaux.

With not a lot of word out, Michaux said the only challenge is getting everybody on there, and getting the word out. To get people interested in learning more about the software, Michaux will be doing some break out activities throughout the semester: telling people about the platform with both formal and informal opportunities for people to know more about the new software, having them log on and see what it’s about. The SHPB gave out sunglasses as a way to get people interested in learning more about the platform.

Published By: Stephen Dumnich

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